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VonageLog is the essential call management utility for Vonage subscribers. It downloads details of all telephone calls made and received on your Vonage line, and records them in your Outlook Journal, or directly to a CSV file for importing into Excel or third-party software. Essential for people who need to log their telephone calls and usage, VonageLog makes a tedious job as easy as a single mouse click. Download and try it out for FREE!

Download VonageLog 1.2 (7.2 mb)

Requirements:  Windows 98, 2000, XP
   Microsoft Outlook installed

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VonageLog can be run as an unattended task, or it can be run on demand. With a few simple mouse clicks, VonageLog is configured and downloading your call data from the Vonage servers - all the way back to the day you first created your Vonage account!

Automatically cross-referencing telephone number and Caller ID information to your existing Outlook Contacts list, VonageLog automatically creates a detailed and useful log of all incoming and outgoing calls:

The first time it is run, VonageLog downloads your entire call history. From that point on, VonageLog downloads only the calls since the last time it was run - usually completing in a few seconds!

VonageLog is ideal for attorneys, accountants and any professional who needs to document their telephone calls.

VonageLog can run in the background, downloading your calls on a preset schedule, so your Outlook Journal is always up-to-date with the latest calls.

VonageLog can also output its complete call information to a standard CSV file, ready to import into Excel or any number of third-party call management software packages.

VonageLog Documentation

New in VonageLog 1.2:

VonageLog 1.2 makes some adjustments to account for changes made to the Vonage system. All users of previous versions of VonageLog will need to upgrade to version 1.2 in order for it to continue operating.

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