Hollsco Group - VonageDial Testimonials

"I love it! I used the Vonage Click2Call previously. It was clunky and slow, and kept crashing Outlook. VonageDial does more, does it better, and it is SO fast! It takes me literally less than 5 seconds from looking up a contact up in Outlook to when their phone is ringing."

- Peter Rathburn, New York, NY

"A wonderful productivity tool! I wish I had found this long ago."

- Janet Florentine, Augusta, GA

"I call a lot of international numbers. No longer do I have to dial 15 digit telephone numbers by hand, and no more finger-induced mistakes! International wrong numbers are costly. I haven't had a single one since installing it."

- Keith Smiley, San Diego, CA

"It works! I was amazed! I figured it was all a gimmick, but it works exactly as advertised! What a tremendous time saver. Add me to your satisfied customer list."

- Tony Gilles, Akron, OH

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